Finding true and everlasting love felt like an impossible task for a long time.

One day, I had an “Ah-ha” moment that eventually led me to my soul mate.

You can find the story of how I did it on the Elephant Journal, just click the link below.

A Great Way to Start the Day #12

IMG_2646.JPGA Great Way to Start the Day #12

Getting up early, and working from home with the sun shining through the window is a great way to start my day!

My dog is lying at feet and his warmth is radiating through my toes. My horses are visible through the window. They too are enjoying the late winter sun and are falling asleep as the stand in the warm, soothing light.

Today is going to be a great day! It’s full of promise and hope for a bright future.

Go and do what you need to do and make the very best of today….make it AMAZING!


Forgiving Yourself

Elephant Journal has just published my latest article about forgiving ourselves for our mistakes.

This one was the easiest article I’ve ever written, it just seemed to pour out of my fingers. However, it was also one of the most raw and candid articles for me.

It’s written more like a story than an article and I really enjoyed writing it that way.

Hope you like it!


When Your Partner Wants to Leave

A couple of years ago I wrote an article for the Elephant Journal (if you want to read just go on line and search EJ for Jennifer Lemky) called “How to Regain Respect for Your Partner”.

Since then I’ve received dozens of emails from people all basically asking the same thing….how can they get their partners to respect them again.

After writing the same email over and over again, I finally just wrote an article.

I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear your thoughts!




A great Way to Start the Day #8



I teach dance because I love it.

I leave studio feel alive, full of joy and amazed that I get paid to do something that fun.

Even though I don’t get paid that much and it’s not my main source of income, I won’t give it up. You can’t put a price tag on joy.

I know a lot of people who make tons of money and are miserable. If you don’t have a lot of money, you probably think that if you work really hard and make more money, you’ll be happy.

But we have it all backwards. Be happy first and then be successful!

If you are happy first, you will guard it ¬†carefully when the desire for “more” starts to creep in; you will acknowledge¬†that you have actuaully have enough if it means that you have to give up some happiness.IMG_7641

A Great Way to Start the Day #6

How about a trip through the Canadian Rocky Mountains?

I’ve made this trip probably hundreds of times in the past ten years and I may have started to take it for granted.

I’ve forgotten that millions of people will never see the magnificence of these mountains, or the brilliance of the white peaks against azure blue sky. How many people will never see grizzly bears, moose or elk either?

What ever your view is, its unique to you, your life and your experiences. Never take what you have, or more importantly, the people in your life for granted.

There’s someone out there wishing they had your life so be grateful rather than envious and enjoy every moment!