A Great Way to Start the Day #7

What better way to start the day than receiving a gift in the mail?

A friend of mine who knows Jonathan Field (a natural horse trainer who I very much admire) had him autograph his beautiful, hardcover, at liberty training book and send it to me. It was truly one of the most thoughtful and wonderful gifts I’ve ever received.

Giving a gift for no other reason than because you know the recipient will enjoy it is a wonderful way to spread joy in the world.

Today is pay-it-forward day. Send someone a gift today for no reason and brighten their day. It could be a single flower for a coworker having a rough day or a surprise coffee for your husband or wife.

Joy and hate both spread like a virus. Which would you rather send out in the world today?



A Great Way to Start the Day #6

How about a trip through the Canadian Rocky Mountains?

I’ve made this trip probably hundreds of times in the past ten years and I may have started to take it for granted.

I’ve forgotten that millions of people will never see the magnificence of these mountains, or the brilliance of the white peaks against azure blue sky. How many people will never see grizzly bears, moose or elk either?

What ever your view is, its unique to you, your life and your experiences. Never take what you have, or more importantly, the people in your life for granted.

There’s someone out there wishing they had your life so be grateful rather than envious and enjoy every moment!

A Great Way to Start the Day #3

Clean, crisp, fresh air is one of my favorite ways to start the day.

Even five or ten minutes early in the morning can go a long way to invigorating me and getting my creativity flowing!

Those of you who can enjoy your morning walk sans winter boots or on a beach are very fortunate. However, no one can beat the amazing color of northern sky or the fresh, clean air.

#greatwaytostarttheday #northerncanada

A Great Way to Start the Day #2

img_2279As a mom, entrepreneur, writer, dance teacher and horsewoman, my days are long and jam packed.

Starting my morning on the right foot really goes a long way to setting the tone for the rest of the day. I work hard to slow my pace down first thing in the morning with a cup of tea and a few minutes of reading from one of the many books I have on the go.

This morning a cute little fur ball decided that my blanket looked like a cozy place for a nap. His happy purrs and added warmth next to me were welcome additions to my morning ❤

Flowers vs Shoes: A day in the not so glamourous life of an oilfield medic.

It’s Friday the 13th. After this day, I am now a believer in the curse.

After a late start and a drive that seemed like it would never end, I arrived in Fort Nelson at 2am on Tuesday morning. I managed to get two hours of sleep and then I was off for my first day of the Elleh plant turn-around. I am going to assume that cumulative lack of sleep and the ominous bad-luck curse of Friday the 13th were the causes behind my latest misadventure.

Each morning, when I turned off the Sierra and onto the 61Rd to begin the final leg of my hour-long trip to the plant site, I was distracted by the lovely clusters of white flowers that line the roadside. My eyes glazed over as I imagined how lovely they would look in a Styrofoam cup in the Control Room. I imagined that their delicate scent floated in room, soft and soothing (which just goes to show how vivid my imagination is because anyone who knows me also knows that I have virtually no sense of smell). I could even hear the words of appreciation from the operators for enlivening their drab environment.

My mind then began to imagine that once the flowers were artfully displayed on top of the microwave, the mosquitoes -which are as big as chickens and as abundant as panhandlers on Robson Street – suddenly vacate the premises. WOW! I have discovered the most affective mosquito repellent known to mankind! I am going to make millions when I sell it to OFF!

Suddenly my truck radio blares,”Loaded bridge 2 on the 61”. My mind snapped back to the present. SHIT! Where the heck am I? I’ve been so busy daydreaming that I haven’t been watching the kilometer markings, which can be a fatal mistake on these roads.

I looked around frantically trying to pin point my exact coordinates and realized that I am well past bridge 2. Phew! That was close. Maybe I should stop and finally pick some of those flowers rather than just daydreaming about picking them? My love for all flora and fauna triumphed over my anal-retentive need to get to and from my destination with as few stop as possible. Yes, I decided, today is the day.

Dutifully, I called over the radio that I have pulled over at kilometer 7. I hopped out of the truck and cautiously surveyed my surroundings, trying to determine the boundaries of the ever encroaching muskeg. There was a moment of hesitation when I wondered if I should return to the truck and put on my work boots. However, after a few moments I decide that my precious flowers were residing firmly on solid ground. My eyes lit up as they locked onto my prize. Four steps off the road, my shoes began to sink. I stopped and watched in horror as the cute white and red polka-dots of my favorite pair of shoes actually begin to disappear beneath mucky, sticky slime!

OH MY OD! They don’t make these shoes anymore. I bought the last two pairs the previous summer! I love them so much that I even bought a matching pair for my young daughter Chelisa. Now what will we do? People won’t stop and tell us how cute we are anymore with our matching shoes. They won’t smile and point at our shoes in the grocery store. This might even affect the global economy because millions of women will no longer be inspired to buy matching polka dot shoes for their daughters.

Suddenly, I realized that my mind was on a crash course with sheer hysteria. “Get a hold of yourself Jennifer!” I shout to myself.

“Okay, you are in this mess now so you might as well make a decision. Shoes or flowers?” I calmly asked myself.

“Shoes or flowers? Did you fall and hit your head today you daft woman?” I furiously argued with myself. “That’s like asking if I want my right leg or my left! Milk chocolate or dark. My black Gucci heals or my Coach boots! It’s an impossible decision. No woman was ever meant to make such a terrible choice. Oh the agony”!

“Fine you big retard. Stand there and lament about how tragic the situation is until the last polka dot disappears beneath the mud. Then you’ll really have something to cry about when you try to take a step and your precious shoe stays stuck forever in the mud. With your luck, one of your crew members will drive by at this point and see you standing like a crane in the swamp, perched on one foot!”

That thought was horrifying enough to propel me instantly forward through the muck to the location of my flowers. Triumphantly, I leaned down and snatched up a handful of them and raced back to my truck, thoughts of losing my shoes to the muskeg forever, foremost in my mind.

Once safely ensconced in the cab of my muskeg-free truck, I turned happily to the prize in my hand. The smile on my face slowly fades as I looked down at ugly white weeds. This can’t be right! I looked across the road at the pretty flowers and back at what looked like soggy cotton balls that I was holding.

What a rip off!

God is going to get an ear-full when I see him about false advertising!

Moral of the story: Shoes trump EVERYTHING