When Your Partner Wants to Leave

A couple of years ago I wrote an article for the Elephant Journal (if you want to read just go on line and search EJ for Jennifer Lemky) called “How to Regain Respect for Your Partner”.

Since then I’ve received dozens of emails from people all basically asking the same thing….how can they get their partners to respect them again.

After writing the same email over and over again, I finally just wrote an article.

I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear your thoughts!





4 thoughts on “When Your Partner Wants to Leave

  1. michele says:

    Hi Jennifer – thanks for this post – I am actually the one wanting to leave and ready to have that tough conversation. I couldn’t put my finger on the exact why – but when I read “loss of respect “- that was an AHA moment – so thanks for sharing your experience.


    • Hi Michele,

      I’ve learned through my own relationships that I must have respect for my partner. I cannot be in a relationship with someone I don’t respect.

      You have a difficult journey ahead of you. I wish you all the best!




  2. Wayne says:

    Thank you for the timing of your words of clarity. I have recently gone through a rough period, made worse by my determined efforts to turn things around. In the process of failing to do that, I have experienced disappointment, frustration and heartache. Your article is responsible for my change in focus and no longer allowing myself to feel or be treated like an old couch. Nobody deserves that, my mistakes were not that bad, my attempts to help and show kindness were genuine and out of kindness, my generosity was taken advantage of. But my misplaced good intentions will not bring me down because other good people have been also down the road. Your sharing has helped me and others. Best wishes to you from Canada.


    • Hi Wayne,

      I’m sorry that you’ve been an old couch too. I can tell you from my own experience that once you stop being an old couch, life changes. You start to realize your value, what you deserve and the wonderful things you have to offer someone who will love and appreciate you.

      This is the space where you will find true love.

      All the best from Northern Canada!



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